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she’s bringing her friends

Claire McCaskill is bringing her phony anti-dark money campaign to Kansas City tomorrow, and this time she’s bringing her big money outside group friends with her.

McCaskill will campaign with End Citizens United, a big-spending Democrat group that bills itself as anti-dark money. Since Claire is bringing in the reinforcements to campaign against dark money, perhaps she’ll finally speak out against the dark money group whose spending she described as “good news.” Or the Obama-Clinton super PAC spending on her behalf. Or the former Enron executive whose dark money group is spending in Missouri. But probably not.

“Unless End Citizens United is coming to town to protest the dark money groups spending on Claire McCaskill’s behalf, they’re just as full of it as Claire,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “When McCaskill and her friends say they are against ‘dark money’ what they really mean is that they’re against spending by anyone but Democrats.”