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she’s gotta be kidding…

Jacky Rosen is out with a new television ad talking about how she “won’t walk the party line.” But in Congress, she has done the exact opposite, voting with Nancy Pelosi nearly 90 percent of the time.

Rosen has sided with her Democratic Party leaders on every major vote, opposing tax cuts for the middle class, repeatedly voting to shut down the government despite pledging not to and refusing to crack down on dangerous sanctuary cities.

“This ad is emblematic of the complete disregard Jacky Rosen has for Nevadans’ intelligence,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “During her brief time in office, Rosen has been nothing but a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi and liberal Democrats, and for her to claim otherwise is completely dishonest.”


Rep. Jacky Rosen Votes With Rep. Nancy Pelosi 89 Percent Of The Time. (CQ Vote Comparison Report, Accessed 7/27/18)

Asked In A September 2016 Interview If She Would Take A Vote To Shut Down The Government, Rosen Said “I Would Never Vote To Shut Down The Government.” (“Web Extra: Jacky Rosen,” CBS Las Vegas, 9/30/16) Minutes 8:40-9:30

Rosen Voted Against A Bill That Would Fund The Government Through February 16, 2018, Extend CHIP Funding For Five Years, And Suspend ObamaCare Taxes. (H.R. 195, Roll Call Vote #33: Motion To Concur Agreed To 230-197-4: R 224-11-3; D 6-186-1, 1/18/18, Rosen Voted Nay; CQ Summary, Accessed 2/20/18)