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Sinema’s “independent record”

Kyrsten Sinema’s out with a hilarious new ad where she brags about her so-called “fiercely independent record” in Congress.  While Sinema fires off some nice platitudes about “working across the aisle” and her “just getting stuff done,” there’s one big problem with the ad – she must be talking about some different Kyrsten Sinema.

Truth is, Kyrsten Sinema isn’t independent at all, in fact, she votes with Nancy Pelosi 76% of the time, helped “shape and promote” Obamacare, is backed by Chuck Schumer, and describes herself on her own website as a “staunch defender of Democratic priorities.” Not to mention, she was once considered “too extreme” to run for office by the Arizona Democratic Party.

Sinema boasts in the ad about “getting stuff done,” but has never once been the primary sponsor of a bill that’s been signed into law and couldn’t even be bothered to do her job on opioids and border security in Arizona. When the Homeland Security Committee held a field hearing in Phoenix, she packed up and left early just 30 minutes after it began in order to make a 2 hour drive to a fundraiser later that day.

Talk about a load of baloney.

“Sinema needs to come clean about why she’s been a total rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi during her entire career in Congress,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Arizonans won’t be fooled by these attempts to deflect from her record and know that, if Sinema becomes a U.S. Senator, she’d side with her Washington party bosses to weaken our borders and raise taxes every single time.”