The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) is out with a new ad this morning in the Maine U.S. Senate race exposing how Democrat Sara Gideon did nothing for six months after she learned about an alleged sexual predator in her state house caucus.

Watch the ad here.

Gideon’s campaign spokesperson claims today that she acted appropriately in the situation. That’s simply not true, and the timeline of events can show you why:

MARCH 2018: Gideon is made aware of allegations that Democrat State Rep. Dillion Bates was preying on high school girls. Did nothing.

*six months goes by*

AUGUST 2018: Local newspaper reported on allegations against Democrat State Rep. Dillion Bates. Only then, did Gideon call for him to resign.

“Guilty Gideon did nothing when she learned of the alleged sexual predator who was serving in her Democratic caucus,” said NRSC spokesperson Nathan Brand. “When given the choice between playing politics or seeking justice, Gideon put her party first and sided with an alleged pedophile instead of the victims. Gideon must answer for her six months of silence.”

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