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Socialists endorse Sherrod Brown (obviously)

Emboldened by the increasingly unhinged behavior of the left, radical fringe groups like the Democratic Socialists of America are making their plans to gain influence within the Democratic Party in 2018. And far-left loonies everywhere know that they have a friend in Senator Sherrod Brown!

Senator Brown was name dropped this weekend by the Socialists’ national spokesman, along with fellow far-left Senators Elizabeth Warren and Tammy Baldwin, as someone the group would get behind in the 2018 midterms. Senator Brown has been a favorite of the left throughout his 42-year political career. Since his radical letters in the run-up to his first run for office when he was still a Russian Studies major at Yale, where he called the United States a “fascist police state” and defended Communist propaganda, Senator Brown has always been willing to carry the banner for the most extreme elements of the left. It should come as no surprise that socialists are ready to come to his aide as he faces skeptical Ohio voters in 2018.

“We fully encourage socialists everywhere to come to Ohio and tell voters that Senator Sherrod Brown has been a champion for the far-left throughout his four-plus decades in politics,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “Senator Brown’s socialist endorsement may go over well in places like Brooklyn or Chicago, but good luck selling that in Ohio.”