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all talk, no action

With the midterm election two months away, Heidi Heitkamp has come to the sudden realization she needs to stand up for North Dakota workers, as she plans to launch a new economic plan entitled “A Plan to Reward Hard Work: Standing Up for Workers Throughout the Course of their Lives.”

But North Dakota workers know Heitkamp is all talk. When she had the chance to improve their lives and give them better job opportunities and more money in their bank accounts, she stood with Chuck Schumer and Washington liberals to vote NO on the GOP tax cuts. Heitkamp even went a step further saying the tax cuts would “hurt North Dakotans.”

North Dakotans now know the opposite occurred, as businesses have hired more workers, raised wages and doled out bonuses due to the tax cuts.

“Heitkamp can use all the carefully crafted talking points she wants but that won’t change the reality that when given the chance to put more money in North Dakotans’ pockets, she voted no,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “North Dakotans want a Senator who will put them first and Heidi Heitkamp has failed to do that.”