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Tester admits it

Wow. Just hours after Senator Tester released a new ad bragging about his supposed “collaboration” with President Trump, Tester accidentally let his true colors show and fired off a fundraising email for the DNC begging for money so he can “hold Trump accountable.”

Tester goes on at length about the importance of holding the Senate for Democrats so they can “hold the line” against President Trump.

Of course, after Tester voted against President Trump on every major issue from tax cuts to his Supreme Court nominees, we knew all along Senator Tester was more at home with the liberal “Resistance” than the proud Montanans who elected President Trump – but it’s nice to see him finally admit as much.

“Senator Tester should drop the act and just admit that if he’s reelected he’s going to continue doing everything in his power to obstruct President Trump’s agenda,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Tester voted against Trump on every major issue and it’s time he owned up to the consequences of his shameless obstruction.”

Tester's Email