Press Release
| Calvin Moore

Tester dodges on $1 million D.C. home

On “Montana This Morning” Senator Tester did everything he could to dip, dive, and dodge his way out of answering any questions about the $1,000,000 home he owns in Washington, D.C.

KTVQ’s Victoria Hill asked Tester flat out to respond to charges that he has “become part of the corrupt system,” “hanging out with lobbyists” and even “bought a home in Washington D.C.” …. and boy did Tester squirm. Senator Tester spent the next 3 minutes of the interview deflecting before admitting he only spends about “half his time in Montana.”

Given how badly Tester tries to paint himself as a folksy farmer, letting voters know about his D.C. home, which his realtor described as a “Cosmopolitan Castle,” might create some headaches. After all, his stately D.C. “castle” is valued by Trulia and Realtor at an estimated $1,000,000.

Tester’s Washington, D.C. “Cosmopolitan Castle”

“Montanans are tired of Two-Faced-Tester pretending he isn’t part of the swamp in Washington,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “No amount of folksy rhetoric can cover-up for the fact that he lives quite the life in Washington, cozying up to lobbyists and his liberal special interest friends at his Washington, D.C. ‘castle.’”


Senator Tester purchased a home near Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. in 2013. (District Of Columbia Office Of Tax And Revenue, Accessed 8/23/17)

The real estate agent for Senator Tester’s home at the time described it as a “Cosmopolitan Castle” with a “showstopper salon” and “shimmering oak floors.” (Trulia, accessed 6/13/18)

Tester’s home is valued by Trulia and Realtor at an estimated $1,000,000. (Trulia, accessed 6/13/18; Realtor, accessed 6/13/18)