Montana got a glimpse at the devastating cost Senator Tester’s push for single-payer health care would impose on Montana families. A newly released study shows “Medicare for all” would cost taxpayers astounding $32.6 trillion, require “historic tax increases” and drive up the nation’s health care spending.

Last year, Senator Tester backed single-payer health care legislation like Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” plan, saying Congress should take a “solid look” at single-payer health care and, in his 2006 campaign, Jon Tester said single-payer should be “on the table.”

The eye-popping costs that Tester’s liberal fantasy health care plan would force on Montana families should be warning enough, but Tester’s plan would force Americans to give up the insurance they already have and replace it with government-run health care instead. Talk about choosing Washington over Montana…

“Montanans are seeing the real cost of Senator Tester’s liberal policies and are absolutely shocked he could support them,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Senator Tester’s support for socialist government-run health care would saddle Montanans with historic tax hikes and put government bureaucrats in charge of every Americans’ health care. That’s a risk Montana just cannot afford.”


VIDEO: During A September 2017 Hearing Of The Senate Homeland Security And Governmental Affairs Committee, Tester Said Congress Should Take A “Solid Look” At A Single-Payer Health Care System. TESTER: “My folks never had health insurance on the farm. They retired in 1970; never had health insurance ever. Their first insurance they had was Medicare. There’s a reason for that. In the mid-60s when that happened, it was $400. I don’t know what it would be today; it would be a lot more than that. So, the question is, there’s been a lot of debate, there’s been amendments offered on single-payer for political purposes, there’s been, but maybe not. I mean, maybe it’s something we should, quite frankly, take a solid look at.” (Sen. Jon Tester, Committee On Homeland Security And Governmental Affairs, U.S. Senate, Hearing, Washington, DC, 9/6/17) Minute 57:32 – 58:06

In September 2006, Tester Said Everything Should Be On The Table, “Including A Single-Payer System.” “‘I think we need to change the system,’ Tester said. ‘Everything is open to me, including a single-payer system. We’ll get the best possible solution, but we need everything on the table.’” (Mike Dennison, “Senate Foes Divided Over Health Care Coverage,” Billings Gazette, 9/24/06)

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