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It’s been quite a week for Bill Nelson. His week went from bad to really bad to flat out disastrous in just a few days.

Here’s a recap:

  • Governor Rick Scott announced a tremendous fundraising haul.
  • Governor Rick Scott went up on the air with statewide ad campaign.
  • Governor Rick Scott received the endorsement of Puerto Rico’s Congresswoman.
  • A pro-Scott Super PAC released an ad slamming career politician Bill Nelson’s record of doing absolutely nothing for Floridians.
  • Don’t forget, the Chamber of Commerce has been on the airwaves bashing Bill Nelson.

And there are still 6 months till November.

“Career politician Bill Nelson has plenty of bad weeks to look forward to as Floridians become more and more familiar with his long history of running for office, yet accomplishing nothing for Florida,” said NRSC Spokesperson Camille Gallo.