Press Release
| Katie Martin


Months after pledging to hit the campaign trail more often, Barack Obama will be kicking off his 2018 activities by campaigning for red state Senator Claire McCaskill at a glitzy high dollar fundraiser in Beverly Hills next month.

After Hillary Clinton put red state Democrats in a tricky spot by calling America’s heartland “backwards” for voting for President Trump, to the delight of Republicans, it seems national Democrats like Barack Obama have every intention in meddling in the 2018 elections. Couple that with reminding voters that their Senator voted against tax reform, which resulted in more money for their constituents, and red state Dems find themselves in a real bind.

Question for every red state Democrat today – Will they welcome Obama to their states and remind folks that they voted for his disastrous policies?

“Former President Obama and Hillary Clinton are extremely unpopular in Trump country, and campaigning for red state Democrats will only remind folks that their Senator supported the Obama/Clinton liberal agenda over the wishes of their constituents,” said NRSC Communications Director Katie Martin. “Red state Democrats may welcome Obama’s campaign cash, but accepting his help will only ensure they are voted out in November.”