Press Release
| Katie Martin

they are spending in Jersey

Wanted to flag the latest TV reservation made by the DSCC. With so many incumbents up in states President Trump carried, it should shock you to know the latest reservation is in New Jersey.

This news comes on the heels of a rough Politico piece detailing the peril Bill Nelson faces in Florida. The same piece in which Jon Tester throws major shade at Nelson in a clear attempt to signal to Chuck Schumer that he needs the money more:

“But the truth is, if the numbers look like he’s going down, they’re going to pull back,” said Sen. Jon Tester of Montana, the 2016 Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee chairman. “I don’t think they will.”

Consider: It costs as much as $3 million a week to saturate the Florida airwaves. That could fund an entire stretch run of ads in a cheaper state like North Dakota or Montana. Already, $10 million more has been spent in the Florida Senate race than in other battlegrounds.

Expensive races in Florida and New Jersey are already taking up precious resources, so if you are a red state Dem, you should start pleading your case to Schumer.