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Three Pinocchios For Tammy

Tammy Baldwin’s desperate lies are finally starting to catch up with her. This morning, the Washington Post doled out not one, not two, but three Pinocchios for her latest campaign commercial (the one you’ve probably seen here) focusing on a shutdown factory in Brokaw, Wisconsin.

Unfortunately, the tale she tells in her ad just isn’t so. As the Washington Post finds, “Baldwin too quickly looks for a corporate villain when economic and competitive pressures almost certainly played a more important role. We were tempted to award Four Pinocchios, but… Baldwin earns Three Pinocchios.”

Take a look at the fact check here.

“Seems Tammy Baldwin’s run out of ideas and instead turned to blatant lies to defend her miserable record of job creation in Wisconsin,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Instead of misleading voters, Tammy should fess up to the truth: she’d rather stand with her liberal friends in Washington than defend good jobs for hardworking Wisconsin families.”