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throwing a tantrum

Bill Nelson must be having a hard time accepting the fact that he’s in danger of losing his taxpayer-funded job. And Nelson’s nervousness was on full display in a bizarre twitter rant this afternoon. Let’s take a look:

It all started with Bill Nelson sending out a tweet attacking Governor Rick Scott for doing his job and laughably claiming the Governor is hiding from voters…when Scott has been busy managing the hurricane recovery in the panhandle since Hurricane Michael made landfall.

Then Nelson ranted about the CNN debate being cancelled because of the storm, claiming he’d debate on October 22nd before voting starts…but Floridians have been able to vote by mail for weeks.

And then Nelson doubled down on the ad his liberal pals are running for him that shamelessly mocks Governor Rick Scott’s military service.

Meanwhile, nobody seems to know where Senator Nelson even is today….

So, we have to ask, is everything ok over there?