| Joanna Rodriguez

TODAY: Mark Kelly Gives Corporate-Paid Speech in Virginia

Mark Kelly is in Williamsburg, Virginia today continuing his corporate-paid speaking tour with yet another speaking engagement at the Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference (EUFMC).

Let’s recap Kelly’s hypocrisy when it comes to filling his personal bank account with corporate money while claiming it “poisons democracy” and his efforts to hide it:

  • Kelly’s “more complicated” personal ties to corporate money were revealed as progressive media outlets outlined how “Kelly’s Yearslong Corporate Speaking Tour Clashes With ‘No Corporate Pac Money’ Pledge.”
  • Earlier this year, Kelly tried desperately to keep secret the $65,000 fee for his speech at taxpayer-funded Youngstown State University.
  • In March, Kelly had to return $55,000 in foreign money for a speech in the UAE.
  • In April, it was revealed Kelly was the paid pitchman for a pyramid scheme and that he’d taken hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations from corporate executives and lobbyists.
  • Then, just last month, Kelly was caught giving yet another out-of-state paid speech.

“Kelly’s ongoing out-of-state corporate speaking tour underscores what a hypocrite he is,” NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez said. “From depending on lucrative corporate speaking fees to fill his personal coffers to taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from corporate executives and lobbyists, he continues to prove his campaign is nothing more than empty promises.”