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Too little, too late

Ahead of President Trump’s visit to North Dakota today, Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp is hoping to distance herself from her liberal record and obstructionist tactics.

Heitkamp released a statement Friday welcoming President Trump to North Dakota and feigning interest in tax reform. But her statement won’t distract voters from the reality that she has consistently voted with Washington Democrats against President Trump’s agenda. In fact, instead of fighting for North Dakotans, Heitkamp has supported Chuck Schumer’s out-of-touch policies on everything from Obamacare to higher taxes, voting with Senate Democrats nearly 80 percent of the time.

“President Trump’s visit will remind North Dakota voters that Heidi Heitkamp continues to fight against their interests,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “Heitkamp can try to cover up her liberal record, but North Dakotans will hold her accountable for obstructing President Trump’s agenda and being a rubber-stamp for Washington Democrats.”


• Heitkamp voted against five of President Trump’s cabinet nominees. (Roll Call Vote #54, 2/7/17, Heitkamp Voted Nay; Roll Call Vote #59, 2/8/17, Heitkamp Voted Nay; Roll Call Vote #63, 2/13/17, Heitkamp Voted Nay; Roll Call Vote #61, 2/10/17, Heitkamp Voted Nay; Roll Call Vote #68, 2/16/17, Heitkamp Voted Nay; Roll Call Voted #137, 5/25/17)
• Heitkamp voted against 40 percent of President Trump’s judicial nominees. (Heitkamp Voted Nay; Roll Call Vote #164, 7/20/17, Heitkamp Voted Nay)
• In the Senate, Heitkamp voted with the Democrat Party 79 percent of the time. (CQ Vote Studies, Accessed 7/7/17)