Press Release
| Nathan Brand

too little, too late

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) is up with a new ad in Maine today following Democrat Sara Gideon’s attempt to mislead Mainers about what she knew regarding one of the members of her caucus allegedly preying on underage girls.


Despite what Gideon is saying in her campaign ads, Gideon did nothing when approached with information about an alleged sexual predator in her caucus. She admitted to knowing in March of 2018 about the allegations against Democrat State Rep. Dillion Bates, but chose to remain silent for nearly six months. No investigation, even though Democrat State Rep. Bates was fired from the school he taught at in the fall of 2017. Only once the allegations were published in August 2018 in the Maine media did Gideon call for his resignation.

Too little. Too late.

“Guilty Gideon knew about an alleged sexual predator in her caucus and chose to do nothing about it,” said NRSC spokesperson Nathan Brand. “Her TV ads claim she took immediate action, but the truth is that Sara Gideon did nothing – putting her political interests ahead of justice.”


Have you seen this ad from Sara Gideon?

“I was the first person to call on the state representative to resign.”

The truth? For almost six months, Speaker Gideon was aware of an alleged child predator in the legislature.

No investigation … She did nothing.

Only when it was uncovered by the press, did Gideon act.

Too little, too late. Sara Gideon? Now’s not the time to take that risk.