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true colors

Tennesseans are getting a good look this week at Phil Bredesen’s true colors and what he thinks of President Trump and his supporters.

First, Bredesen refused to denounce the hateful comments his former Legislative Director and current Tennessee Democratic Party spokesman made, calling Trump voters “idiots,” and saying evangelicals were showing their “racist colors” by supporting President Trump.

Then, Bredesen’s new FEC report revealed he accepted money from one of the unhinged left’s biggest backers, Tom Steyer, a leading advocate of impeaching President Trump who has also compared the President to Hitler.

The actions of Bredesen’s supporters and financial backers certainly paint a different picture from the Phil Bredesen who once said he’s “not running against Donald Trump,” and call into question why he’s remained silent in light of these explosive revelations.

“Phil Bredesen may think Tennessee voters buy his phony act, but his campaign backers show he’s exactly the type of liberal Democrat Tennesseans can’t afford to elect,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “In a state President Trump won by 26 points, Tennessee voters won’t take kindly to being insulted.”


Tom Steyer Contributed $5,400 To Bredesen For Senate. (Bredesen For Senate, Pre-Primary, Federal Election Commission, 6/29/18)