A new op-ed from President Trump warns of the disastrous consequences to our health care system if Debbie Stabenow gets her way and Democrats impose their “Medicare for All” plan on the country.

Stabenow, a long-time supporter of single-payer health care, and her Democrat allies are pushing for a health care system with a $32.6 trillion price tag that does away with Medicare Advantage plans, employer-based plans and other popular private health insurance products. Where Obama misled voters with his “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it” promise, the new Democrat line appears to be “We don’t really care if you like your health care plan.”

“Between promises to impeach Justice Brett Kavanaugh and replace employer-based health insurance with a government-run boondoggle, Democrats are painting a clear picture of what voters can expect if they regain power,” said NRSC Communications Director Katie Martin. “Debbie Stabenow backed single-payer knowing it would end Medicare as we know it and force every Michigan family off their health insurance. She can’t be trusted to do what’s best for Michiganders.”

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