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Trump clobbers Tester in 4th rally

President Trump visited Montana for a 4th rally this afternoon and pulled no punches, reminding voters exactly why it’s time to defeat Jon Tester.

The President tore into Tester for waging false smear campaigns against Admiral Ronny Jackson and Justice Brett Kavanaugh, voting for open borders and saying one thing in Montana while voting the exact opposite in Washington.

“A vote for Matt’s opponent, far-left Democrat Jon Tester, is a vote to make Chuck Schumer the Majority Leader and to put extreme liberals in charge of every single Senate committee. Jon Tester says one thing in Montana but he goes outside and he says the exact opposite in Washington,” President Trump said. “We don’t want to have somebody who’s lockstep with Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Cryin’ Chuck Schumer.”

President Trump continued, urging Montanans to get out and vote for the conservative fighter he needs in the Senate, Matt Rosendale.

“A vote for Matt Rosendale is a vote for low taxes, low unemployment, strong borders and Montana values. Real Montana values,” Trump said. “If you want to stop the radical Democrats, you need to retire Jon Tester and support Matt Rosendale.”

With just 3 short days left until Election Day and as reports show the economy continues to strengthen and 250,000 jobs have been added in October, Tester would be wise to start calling up his liberal lobbyist pals to figure out his next move after Montanans vote to send him into early retirement on Tuesday.

Click here for footage from the rally.