Washington, D.C. – Firing area police officers and firefighters a week before Christmas? That sounds pretty harsh, but it is exactly what would happen under a recent City of Tucson mandate. 

As KOLD News 13 recently reported, this mandate could sideline nearly 100 Tucson police officers and firefighters a week before Christmas. In addition, “the police department could lose an entire division, which could strike fear into some parts of the community.”

Does Mark Kelly care? Or will he let firefighters and police officers get fired a week before Christmas, making the Tucson community less safe during the holidays?

Statement from NRSC Chairman Rick Scott: “Joe Biden, Mark Kelly, and local Democrats want to fire law enforcement officials through these ridiculous mandates, making Arizona communities less safe. It’s more evidence that Mark Kelly will never stand up to the extreme, big-government policies of Joe Biden and the radical Left. I got the COVID-19 vaccine and encourage everyone who feels comfortable to get it too. But government has no business pushing mandates on the American people and forcing police officers and firefighters out of a job just days before Christmas. That’s not what America is about, and Mark Kelly should stand up and say so.” 


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