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TV AD: Claire’s Business Plan

The NRSC is up with a new TV ad this morning, further highlighting Claire McCaskill getting rich at taxpayers’ expense.

Claire McCaskill and her husband have quite the business plan. Since McCaskill took office, her husband’s low income housing businesses have received $131 million in federal subsidies. And thanks to taxpayers’ generosity, the Washington power couple has pocketed as much as $22 million. Gotta make a living somehow if you want to fly your private plane between your Missouri mansion and D.C. luxury condo!

Click HERE to watch the TV ad.

“While Missourians work hard to provide for their families, Claire McCaskill is funding her lavish lifestyle with their hard-earned tax dollars,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “McCaskill is supposed to be representing Missouri, but instead she’s building a personal fortune on the backs of taxpayers.”


ANNCR: Success is built on hard work and a strong business plan.

ANNCR: But Claire McCaskill’s… is built off your tax dollars.

ANNCR: Since she joined the Senate, McCaskill’s husband received one hundred thirty-one million in federal subsidies.

ANNCR: Subsidies that let the McCaskills pocket up to twenty-two million dollars.

ANNCR: They built low income housing with your tax dollars, then built themselves a fortune.

ANNCR: Claire McCaskill. She gets rich. You pay.

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