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TV Ad: Mob Rule

The NRSC today released a new television ad in Tennessee warning voters what’s at stake if Democrats like Phil Bredesen are sent to Washington.

Despite insisting he’s a moderate, Phil Bredesen’s liberal record on the Second Amendment, failure to crack down on illegal immigration and support for Hillary Clinton shows he would be just another liberal in the U.S. Senate. Bredesen will vote with Chuck Schumer and support the radical policies backed by the angry liberal mob.

Click HERE to watch the new ad.

Jay Weber

“With so much at stake, Tennesseans can’t afford Phil Bredesen going to Washington and repealing the progress President Trump and Congressman Blackburn have achieved,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “Democrats like Bredesen and the rest of the unhinged left will stop at nothing to impeach Justice Brett Kavanaugh, limit our Second Amendment rights and leave Tennessee voters worse off.”


VO: They’re angry

ELIZABETH WARREN: We are fighting back

VO: They’re raging

MAXINE WATERS: I will fight every day until he is impeached

VO: And they’re hungry for power

VO: Left wing radicals plan to impeach Brett Kavanaugh

VO: Impeach President Trump

VO: But they have to take Congress to do it

VO: That’s why the radicals are backing Phil Bredesen in Tennessee

VO: If you vote for him, you empower them

VO: Reject liberal hate. Reject Phil Bredesen

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