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TV Ad: Tester’s own words

The NRSC’s latest ad in Montana hit the airwaves today, holding Senator Tester accountable for breaking his signature ethics pledge to the people of Montana.

The ad features Tester in his own words making his landmark 5-plank ethics pledge and shows how 12 years later, Tester left it all behind. Despite the promises he made, Tester accepted thousands in free trips from the special interests, took over a million in lobbyist campaign contributions, had numerous staffers become lobbyists for his own bills, and repeatedly voted against earmark reform.

Truth is: Jon Tester let Washington get the best of him and it’s time for a change.

Click here to watch the new TV ad.

“Montanans are growing tired of Two-Faced Jon Tester saying he’ll do one thing, then going to Washington and doing another,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Tester blatantly broke his own ethics pledge and hoped Montanans wouldn’t notice. That kind of blatant duplicity should give Montanans serious pause about whether Tester really is the kind of man he says he is.”


JON TESTER: Politicians oftentimes say one thing and do another.

I won’t sell Montana down the road by cutting deals with K Street lobbyists.

They need the greatest representation, not encumbered by high-dollar lobbyists.

I will not be accepting meals, travel or rooms.

And I will stop the revolving door.

If they work for me and they decide to go to work for a lobbying firm, they will not have access.

It’s time for a change folks. And I guarantee you one thing: I’m not in anybody’s pocket.

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