In Whitefish this weekend, Senator Tester was apparently working overtime to deceive voters about his liberal record in Washington on almost every issue from border security to energy and dark money in politics. Take at look Two-Faced Tester’s double-talk in his interview with the Montana Broadcasters.

On Sanctuary Cities…

Speaking to the Montana Broadcasters Association, Senator Tester said he is “opposed to sanctuary cities.”

Yet, his record tells a different story. Tester voted at least three times to protect sanctuary cities, voted against tougher penalties for criminal aliens who commit violent crimes, and even voted to shut down the government in order to give illegal immigrants amnesty.

On Dark Money…

Tester feigned moral outrage at super PACs and Citizens United, complaining that “We’re seeing incredible amounts of money flow into these races by people with no connection to Montana whatsoever” who are “doing it to buy political influence.”

Yet, Tester’s campaign goes to extraordinary lengths to assist liberal super PACs, including uploading footage and messaging documents to tell the groups when and how to spend on his behalf. No wonder out-of-state liberal dark money groups, including Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer’s super PAC, have already spent $3.1 million promoting him this cycle alone!

On Affordable Energy…

Tester also tried to claim he supported coal and affordable energy, saying “Affordable energy is crucial to our economy” and “coal is a big part of our portfolio.”

But given the opportunity, Tester voted in favor the Obama administration’s draconian energy rules that would have effectively banned coal power plants and hiked Montana power bills by as much as 31%.

On Building The Wall…

Tester claimed that “border security is critically important” and said he wanted to secure the border “whether you use a wall, manpower, technology or whatever it may be.”

But Tester voted against funding President Trump’s border wall and even mocked it as a “waste of taxpayer dollars,” saying that building “a 19-foot-tall wall on the southern border would only lead to a boom in business for companies building 20-foot ladders.”

“Senator Tester should drop the double-talk and shoot straight with Montanans about his liberal record in Washington,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Try as he might, voters won’t forget that Senator Tester sides with Washington liberals over Montana families every chance he gets.”

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