Tim Ryan Voted for Dem Bill That Will Raise Taxes, Despite Calling for Lower Taxes

Washington, D.C. – Two-Faced Tim Ryan is back at it. 

In case you missed it, the Congressman voted last week in support of the Dem’s big tax-and-spend bill which analysis shows will increase taxes on the middle class, despite being outspoken on the campaign trail about lowering taxes.

He told Fox News, “I’ve been calling on the Administration and anybody else who will listen to bring an immediate tax cut to the Congress for us to pass.” 

In a campaign ad, he said, “I’ll work with either party to cut costs and pass a middle-class tax cut because you deserve some breathing room.” And in another ad, he said he would “fight for a tax cut that puts more money into your pocket.”

So, why did he vote for a bill that critics on both sides of the aisle warned would raise taxes and potentially worsen inflation?! Because despite the effect it will have on Ohio families, Tim Ryan will always do what his D.C. bosses tell him.


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