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Vice President Pence slams Casey

In a speech in Philadelphia today, Vice President Pence went after Bob Casey for his bizarre decision to announce he would vote against any nominee President Trump made to the Supreme Court, even before Judge Brett Kavanaugh was announced as his pick.

After reminding Pennsylvanians of Casey’s liberal record on everything from taxes to abortion, the Vice President called on Casey to put politics aside and give Judge Kavanaugh a fair hearing. But Casey has so far been unapologetic about his kneejerk obstruction, promising that he’s “not backing off.”

Click HERE to watch Vice President Pence’s comments.

“Instead of doing his job, Bob Casey has spent the past year and a half kissing up to his left-wing donors,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “Vice President Pence exposed Senator Casey for what he really is today – a phony moderate whose only concern is appeasing his resistance base at the expense of Pennsylvanians.”