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| Calvin Moore

VIDEO: Even this year, Sinema was disgusted to be from Arizona

Kyrsten Sinema wants to pretend the days of openly bashing her state, just like her days of protesting the troops, are long behind her. But video of Kyrsten Sinema giving a speech THIS YEAR shows Sinema’s disgust at even having to utter her state’s name.

It’s a face of sheer revulsion you have to really see to believe. But when you have a candidate who’s said nicer things about joining the Taliban than her own home state, it’s painfully obvious she just isn’t fit to serve.

Click here to watch Sinema bash Arizonans for the 976,294th time.

Sinema Disgusted Gif

BACKGROUND: In a March 2018 speech to the Federation of American Hospitals, Sinema made it obvious she was disgusted to have run for office in Arizona. (Kyrsten Sinema, Remarks to the Federation of American Hospitals, Washington, D.C., 3/5/18)