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| Calvin Moore

VIDEO: Sinema calls Arizona the “meth lab of democracy”

If Kyrsten Sinema calling Arizonans “crazy” didn’t show enough disdain for the state she hopes to represent, Sinema somehow managed to one-up herself after she was caught in another leaked video calling Arizona “the meth lab of democracy.”

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“If Kyrsten Sinema thinks Arizonans are ‘crazy’ and the state is the ‘meth lab of Democracy,’ then no one is stopping her from packing up and relocating to the liberal utopias of San Francisco or New York where her socialist ideas will fit in better,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “This wasn’t just a one-time, poorly thought out joke, this is a clearly established pattern where Kyrsten Sinema has openly mocked Arizonans and proven she has no respect for the families or voters of this state.”