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Warren vows left-wing takeover

Elizabeth Warren is cementing her place as the leader of the fractured Democratic Party, and is using her position to push the party even further to the left.

At the far-left’s annual Netroots Nation meeting, Warren vowed that it would be liberals who “lead the Democratic Party back from the wilderness.” Warren also promised that the party would not attempt to appeal to the center, saying, “The Democratic Party isn’t going back to the days of welfare reform and the crime bill. It is not going to happen.” The rise of Warren and the party’s liberal wing should cause great concern among the ten Democrat Senators seeking reelection in states won by President Trump in 2016. Warren and her far-left pals are making the Democrat brand even more toxic to voters in those solid-red states where Democrats are playing defense next year.

“Elizabeth Warren’s plan to push Democrats even further to the left shows how out of touch the party has become,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera “Warren’s rhetoric may be a hit at Netroots Nation, but her new, more liberal Democratic Party will be toxic to the red state Democrats desperately trying to cling to their seats in 2018.”