It’s always been Democrats – including AOC and her Socialist Squad – trying their best to kill the bipartisan infrastructure deal.

Bipartisan is a dirty word among the Socialist Squad, and they’re not being shy about letting people know. Over the past few days, Senate Majority Leader AOC and her Socialist comrades have very publicly trashed the Senate’s bipartisan infrastructure negotiations, doing their best to try to kill the bill so they can focus on their reckless socialist tax and spending spree. And Chuck Schumer has clearly been “channeling progressives”:  

Here’s what the Socialists are saying about the bipartisan infrastructure bill: 

The Socialists are offended by the bipartisan infrastructure bill because the word compromise doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. They want to kill a bipartisan infrastructure bill and ram through a $3.5 trillion (really $5 trillion) reckless liberal tax and spending spree instead. At least the Socialists have a loyal ally in the Senate to do their work for them: Senate Majority Leader (in name only) Chuck Schumer.


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