Washington, D.C. – Another week, another batch of reports regarding the dismal economic record of President Biden and congressional Democrats. No issue is impacting Americans more than inflation. In fact, new polling this week found “economic issues” are the top concern of voters. Meanwhile, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain is dismissing the rapidly rising costs of goods as “high class problems.”

As things go from bad to worse for the U.S. economy and Biden Administration, here is what they are saying: 

  • Politico“Americans are likely to face higher prices on everything from gasoline to groceries well into next year.”
  • Punchbowl“But the big story today is inflation, and it’s a huge political problem for the White House and Democratic Party leaders. 
  • ABC News“Winter heating bills set to jump as inflation hits home.” 
  • CNBC“On a year-over-year basis, prices increased 5.4% versus the estimate for 5.3% and the highest since January 1991.” 
  • Politico“There is a new fear circulating inside the West Wing of the White House: Maybe Larry Summers was right.” 
  • WSJ“Inflation Sets Off Alarms Around the World.” 
  • Yahoo Finance“JPMorgan Chase’s Dimon: Inflation ‘might go higher than people think.’”

ICYMI:  This week, the NRSC released a new video called “Democrats Are Making You Pay Higher Prices.”

Joe Biden and Senate Democrats say they won’t raise taxes on the middle-class. But their inflation-inducing spending spree is a tax hike on ALL Americans.

Click here or the screenshot below for more on the Democrats’ middle-class tax hike.


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