Iowa Field Report: “Abby Finkenauer is back and looking to be embarrassed, yet again.”

Washington, D.C – Who asks for a promotion right after getting fired? Meet Abby Finkenauer.

After losing her Congressional reelection bid and becoming the first one-term Iowa lawmaker in fifty years, Finkenauer last week announced a doomed effort to unseat Senator Chuck Grassley. Given her support of far-Left agenda items like Medicare for All, open borders, and job-killing tax hikes, Abby is setting herself up to be a two-time loser.

Don’t just take it from us. Here’s what they are saying about radical Democrat Abby Finkenauer’s chances against Chuck Grassley:

Adam Sullivan in The Gazette: “Are Iowa Democrats tired of losing yet? Abby Finkenauer enters U.S. Senate race”

Iowa’s floundering Democrats don’t seem to have a grand vision, a governing philosophy or even a detailed set of policy positions. Their message is simple — they are not Republicans and they hope you’ll donate to their campaigns […]

Abby Finkenauer, Fred Hubbell, Rita Hart, Theresa Greenfield. What do they have in common? They’re all bland moderates who have won primaries over more progressive opponents. They’ve all been backed by big money, often from out of state. And, importantly, none of them are in elected office right now.

Clearly, it has not been a formula for success. But that won’t stop Democrats from trying again […]

This doesn’t mean a radical leftist could win a statewide election in Iowa. But Democrats could at least try nominating someone who actually believes in something besides not being a Republican.

Abby Finkenauer is on a Losing Mission

  • “Abby Finkenauer is back and looking to be embarrassed, yet again. Yesterday she formally declared that she would be running for one of Iowa’s U.S. Senate seats – the one currently held by the Legend from Butler County, Chuck Grassley.” (Iowa Field Report, 7/23/2021)
  • “Iowa has been challenging for Democrats recently after a long history as a swing state […] Democrats haven’t won a Senate race in Iowa since Harkin’s last victory in 2008.” (Politico, 7/22/2021)
  • “Based on the 2020 election, Democrats are facing an uphill battle to win statewide in Iowa.” (ABC News, 7/22/2021)
  • “Since he was first elected to the Senate, Grassley has won re-election by an average of 35 points through the years. His closest bid was in 2016, but he still managed to win by nearly 25 points as Donald Trump carried the state by 9 points […] it’s hard to see how this race becomes competitive…” (Cook Political Report, 7/23/2021)

Even National Democrats Don’t Believe Abby Finkenauer Stands Chance

  • “The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee doesn’t consider Iowa among its top targets […] Instead of Iowa, Democrats are focused first on holding Senate seats in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and New Hampshire.” (Associated Press, 7/22/2021)
  • “Finkenauer will have to convince national Democrats that Iowa is worth investing in after the 2020 loss and persuade Democratic voters that she’s the best candidate coming off her defeat to now-GOP Rep. Ashley Hinson.” (Politico, 7/22/2021)

Iowans Rejected Abby Finkenauer in November 2020

  • “Abby Finkenauer was elected to the US House of Representatives in the blue wave of 2018 … In Iowa, the voters are known to reflect their political leaders many times over, Senator Tom Harkin served 5 terms, Congressman Jim Leach 15 terms, Governor Terry Branstad, with more than 22 years, is the longest-serving governor of any state in American history. Finkenauer’s defeat in 2020 resulted in her becoming the first one-term Member of Congress in more than 50 years.” (Iowa Field Report, 7/22/2021)
  • “Hinson beat Finkenauer in all but three of 20 counties in the district …” (Telegraph Herald, 7/22/2021)
  • “Her tenure in the House was short-lived, however. Finkenauer lost her bid for reelection in 2020 to Republican Ashley Hinson…” (CNN, 7/22/2021)


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