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Who is she loyal to?

Claire McCaskill continues to portray herself as a politician focused on pragmatism over party loyalty, but her record tells a different story.

McCaskill has opposed President Trump’s agenda at every turn, resorting to the type of partisan politics resistance leader Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has demanded. But unlike in Massachusetts, Missouri voters elected President Trump by a nearly 20-point margin last November. Claire McCaskill has ignored the clear message Missouri voters delivered. She refused to support eight Trump Cabinet nominees, voted against 11 of the 13 Republican measures to reduce burdensome regulations, and voted against Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. With a record like that, does McCaskill’s loyalty lie with Missourians or the liberal left?

“Claire McCaskill’s record shows she’s nothing but a reliable vote for Chuck Schumer and Washington liberals,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “Missourians want their politicians to deliver results, and so far, Claire McCaskill has shown she’d rather play partisan politics than work to find solutions.”