| Joanna Rodriguez

Why is Mark Kelly Covering Up for China?

Today, The Associated Press reported on Martha McSally’s and Mark Kelly’s divergent takes on the Coronavirus response.

McSally continues to deliver resources for Arizona’s fight against the virus and hold China responsible for its role covering up the pandemic’s beginnings. But Mark Kelly doesn’t seem to want to talk about China’s role in causing this global crisis.

It’s likely because he maintains ties to China. The Chinese firm Tencent is one of the major investors in the company Kelly co-founded, World View Enterprises. Last year as Tencent censored the NBA and shut down broadcasts over support for pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, Kelly remained silent.

In addition to his profits from his company’s relationship with Tencent, Kelly’s also personally profited off paid speeches he gave in China as the pitchman for a pyramid marketing company.

“Communist China has spent months continually trying to cover up and spread false information about the Coronavirus, and this global pandemic is a direct result of their egregious actions,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “We need leaders who will hold China accountable for the hundreds of thousands of lives that will be lost from their attempt to save face, and Mark Kelly has proved time and again he’s in China’s pocket.”