Washington, D.C. – It’s been two days since Tiffany Smiley accepted two debate invitations and challenged 30-year incumbent Democrat Patty Murray to two more this fall. And instead of immediately and enthusiastically accepting this offer to discuss her five terms in the Senate, Murray has gone silent.

Which begs the question: Why is Patty Murray afraid to get on the debate stage?

  • Could it be because when voters have a chance to do a comparison, Patty Murray loses ground?
  • Could it be that she’s panicking over her 96 percent voting record with Joe Biden that has made her campaign increasingly vulnerable?
  • Could it be that she knows she’s fallen out of touch with Washington State voters because she thinks our economy “is in a better place”?
  • Or could it be her recent votes to raise taxes on the middle class, harm America’s energy independence and reduce our ability to fight crime?

We await Patty Murray’s response. See Tiffany Smiley’s debate proposal below. 

Tiffany Smiley Accepts Two Debate Invitations, Challenges Patty Murray to Two More

Pasco, WA – Veterans advocate and U.S. Senate candidate Tiffany Smiley (R-WA) is announcing that she has accepted invitations to two moderated debates and is challenging Patty Murray to two additional debates.

Smiley has received and accepted an invitation from the Seattle City Club’s Washington State Debate Coalition to participate in the following two debates:

·         Washington State University (Friday, October 7)

·         Seattle University (TBD Later in October)

Smiley is also challenging Patty Murray to two additional debates to give voters as many opportunities as possible to compare the records and visions of the two candidates for U.S. Senate, and is offering to help defray some of the costs for these additional debates. The Smiley for Washington campaign has:

·         Sent a letter to CNN to conduct a nationally televised debate in Washington State;

·         Sent a letter ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC affiliates in the Tri-Cities area to conduct a televised debate for that region; and

·         Invited the Washington State Debate Coalition to participate and sponsor these two additional debates.

“Debates are an important part of our democratic process and I look forward to sharing my story, my record and my vision for Washington through these forums,” said Smiley. My hope is that Patty Murray accepts my proposal for four debates that cover all regions of our state with the goal of being as accessible and as transparent as possible to as many voters as possible. This is what the public deserves.”

Smiley may consider other debate opportunities beyond this proposal.


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