7 Days After Tiffany Smiley Accepted Debate Invitations, Here Are 7 Reasons Why Patty Might Be Panicking

Washington, D.C. – It’s been seven days since Tiffany Smiley accepted two debate invitations and challenged Patty Murray to two more this fall. But, after airing yet another attack ad against Smiley, the 30-year incumbent’s campaign has not confirmed “whether Murray had accepted, or had any plans to accept, the two debates” offered by the Washington State Debate Coalition.  

Here are seven reasons why Patty could be panicking about debates:

  1. Patty thinks she shouldn’t have to debate anyone because, as the DSCC put it, “Murray’s seniority in the Senate, where she chairs the Education, Labor and Pensions Committee” is a “key reason” why she should sit tight.
  2. Yet, as the Chair of the Senate HELP Committee, Patty has done nothing on the fentanyl crisis that has ravaged Washington State.
  3. Even worse, Patty voted against $300 million last year to combat drug trafficking at the border and voted last month against a measure to fund detection of illegal narcotics including opioids.
  4. Meanwhile, as crime makes Washington State families feel “helpless,” Patty has voted over and over again against crime fighting measures.
  5. And as Patty has been phoning it in for 30 years, the policies she supports have exacerbated the inflation, energy and supply chain crises that have hurt Washington State.
  6. All evidence points to Patty just being plain out of touch as someone who thinks the economy is “in a better place.”
  7. And with a 96 percent voting record with Joe Biden, Washington State voters are sick of Patty Murray just “going along.”

The voters of Washington State deserve to hear from Patty Murray and the debate stage is the place to do it.


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