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Will Tester Denounce Dark Money Spending in Montana?

Jon Tester has said in his fundraising emails, “Washington money has no place interfering in Montana’s elections,” and he pledged to denounce any ads that are funded by people outside of Montana. Well, now he has a chance to condemn ads coming from Senator Chuck Schumer’s Super PAC (Majority Forward) that were airing statewide. Already this year, this dark money group has spent nearly $1 million to boost Tester.

It’s no surprise that Tester’s Cancun amigo, New York Senator Schumer, is spending big to help his vacation buddy. As you know, liberal Senator Claire McCaskill paid $15,000 for Senator Tester and ultra-liberal Schumer to go on a lavish vacation with her to Cancun.

Will Tester denounce this spending from his Washington vacation buddies? Or will he finally admit to Montanans that he has become the politician he warned Montanans about years ago?

Tester: “Politicians often times say one thing and do another.” (Montana Senate Debate, 9/10/2006)

Unfortunately, Jon Tester’s gone Washington. Breaking promises and betraying the trust of Montana families.