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wonder why…

At a campaign stop today, Claire McCaskill attacked Republicans in the Missouri legislature for doing away with the state’s film production tax credit program. But why does McCaskill have such a strong opinion on such a niche state tax credit program?

Turns out, one of the companies in McCaskill’s husband’s business empire, Sugar Creek Capital, actually deals in film production tax credits. Sugar Creek advertises that, “We work with a diverse range of major studios and independent producers to help them secure state tax credits that fund up to 30 percent of their expenditures for film, TV and digital projects. Our team also facilitates the transfer of tax credits from production companies to taxpayers seeking a safe, effective opportunity to reduce their own state income tax liability.” Is there any taxpayer funded pie the McCaskills don’t have a finger in?

“Clearly $131 million in federal subsidies isn’t enough for Claire McCaskill to live the life of luxury she feels she deserves,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “McCaskill and her husband have built a fortune taking Missouri taxpayers for all they can, but Claire is still bitter that the state isn’t funding one of her husband’s businesses.”