| Sami Gilkes

Claire’s Restaurant Week!

Claire’s Fancy D.C Living!

Claire McCaskill often calls herself a “daughter of rural Missouri,” but her swanky DC lifestyle is far removed from the experience of everyday Missouri families.

Take her private plane, worth millions of dollars, that she thinks “normal people” can afford.

Or how about Claire’s posh DC restaurant, Centrolina, where you can grab a three course meal for just $35 during Washington’s Restaurant Week. What a steal!

Be careful though, if you want to enjoy a cocktail or some wine your total could go up by the hundreds. A bottle of wine could cost you a cool $350. Better start saving if you want to live like Claire!

*Warning: You might have to do some Google searches during dinner to figure out what you’re even ordering!

If you didn’t break the bank during dinner, do some after-dinner shopping without having to go more than a minute walk! McCaskill’s restaurant is in the heart of City Center, which is also home to pricey shopping like Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci – where just one bag could run you up to $10,000!

And, in the same neighborhood as her fancy restaurant and luxury shopping, you can find her $2.7 million condo. Real estate isn’t cheap in Washington, D.C., but that’s no problem for Claire.

If you want to make a reservation, it’s easy to do online! Click below, but don’t forget the price tag!

Claire McCaskill enjoys claiming that “normal people” can afford the finer things in life like her, but Missourians are not going to fall for her phony act.