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May Monthly Roundup


Martha McSally continues to fight for Arizonans and keep America first in the fight against the Coronavirus.

Martha is holding China accountable for covering up the Coronavirus and putting millions of lives at risk.

Earlier this month, Martha flew on Air Force one with President Trump to tour a facility making protective gear for health care professionals fighting the Coronavirus.

Mark Kelly’s company, World View Enterprises, received $15 million in taxpayer dollars to create 400 jobs – but came up 300 short.

Kelly has made his priorities clear and remains silent on China because he’s more worried about keeping his company’s Chinese investors happy than protecting Arizonans.

One of the major investors in Kelly’s company is a Chinese tech giant accused of censorship and espionage.

Kelly’s promises to Arizona are nothing but hot air, and amid the Coronavirus, instead of speaking out against them, his ties with China are stronger than ever.

Mark Kelly is in the pocket of China, and Arizonans can’t trust him.


Cory Gardner continues to be the strong, steadfast leader that Coloradans need in the fight against Coronavirus.

Cory was named the #3 most bipartisan Senator for his willingness to work across the aisle to provide the best for Colorado.

His work to secure funding for the Arkansas Valley Conduit Project will provide 50,000 Coloradans with cleaner, safer water.

Cory also passed the 9-8-8 Suicide Hotline bill making the hotline easier to remember and more accessible for those who may need it.

An article for Colorado Politics wrote that “the high level of Gardner’s leadership is not a matter of perception or opinion. It is a quantitative and observable matter of fact.” Further proving that Coloradans need six more years of Cory!

While Cory has been fighting for Coloradans, John Hickenlooper has spent most of his time hiding in Chuck Schumer’s windowless basement and skipping forums… and when he did come out, it was clear how unprepared he is.

With his ethics trial coming up, Hickenlooper announced he did not plan to testify at the virtual hearing – after originally saying he would attend. But Colorado’s Independent Ethics Commission ruled that he must attend.


Kelly Loeffler introduced the USA RISE plan to hold China accountable and make sure we are always putting America first.

Kelly also introduced the Safeguarding Small Business Act to provide small businesses with loan forgiveness.

Working with President Trump’s task force and Georgia leaders, Kelly is finding safe solutions for reopening the country so people can get back to work.

For Memorial Day, Kelly urged the Department of Veterans Affairs to allow small groups to visit our fallen heroes at national cemeteries.

David Perdue has been working for small businesses through the Paycheck Protection Program and on President Trump’s task force to make sure businesses have the resources they need to reopen.


In addition to securing over $11 million for Iowa’s community health centers and over $336 million for Iowans, Joni Ernst took time to thank Iowa hospitals for their work on the front lines of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Joni also worked to pass the Farmers First Act, which reestablished the Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network, to create helplines, support groups, and provide suicide prevention training for farm advocates. 

Joni continues her fight for Iowa farmers by urging the USDA to support the state’s egg industry, which will in turn help to support the nation’s commercial food service. 

Joni spoke about the immense benefits Iowans are seeing from her fight to protect small businesses, as nearly 50,000 loans from the Paycheck Protection Program have been dispersed across Iowa.

Theresa Greenfield proved to be unprepared at the Iowa Democrat Senate debate when asked a simple question about immigration, instead talking herself in a circle and ending with “the whole [immigration] system is broken” rather than her plan for fixing it.

Greenfield showed voters in Iowa that she is unprepared to lead with her failed performance at the debate and continuing to dodge questions from opponents about her corporate money hypocrisy. 


Mitch McConnell visited Hardin Memorial Hospital in Kentucky to thank health care professionals for all their hard work in the fight against Coronavirus.


Susan Collins recognized the many businesses in her state that are working on the front lines of the Coronavirus pandemic, including New Balance who restructured their factory to start producing face masks.

Susan announced over $4 million in funding from the CARES Act to support affordable housing, reduce homelessness, and bolster Coronavirus prevention and response efforts throughout the state.

Susan also announced nearly $20 million for Maine’s fishing industry that will go to further employing captains, crews, and students who make up Maine’s fishing fleet. 

And for the seventh consecutive year, Susan was named the #1 most bipartisan senator


John James released an ad where he speaks directly to voters about his passion for serving Michiganders and his dedication to putting service before self.

John also announced he will start donating five cents for every dollar he raises, with the goal of improving the lives of Michiganders across the state.


Steve Daines introduced the Small Business Local Relief Fund which aims at targeting $50 billion in economic relief to small businesses across Montana. 

Steve also proudly announced that included in the scheduled Space-X launch was single use lockers built by students from Capital High School in Helena.

North Carolina

Thom Tillis announced more than $12M from the CARES Act for 39 health care centers across North Carolina to expand Coronavirus testing.

Thom also announced $391 million for North Carolina hospitals, health care centers, and health clinics to ensure they have the necessary funding and resources to fight the Coronavirus.

Thom knows the meaning of hard work and dedication and is making sure no North Carolinians get left behind.

Cal Cunningham still supports Joe Biden despite the allegations against him. This has further proved Cunningham’s hypocrisy and blind allegiance to Chuck Schumer and national Democrats. 

Politifact gave Cunningham a “Mostly False” rating for misleading North Carolinians and creating a greater divide in a time when America needs to work together.


John Cornyn discussed ways to safely reopening Texas and his continued efforts to send resources and relief to small businesses.