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| Matt Whitlock

Alexa, play “Bad Day by Daniel Powter”

After months of very public, “relentless but thoughtful” overtures, including inviting her to deliver the high-profile Democrat…

Press Release
| Nate Brand

NRSC Statement On Stacey Abrams Decision And Schumer’s Recruiting Embarrassment

Washington, D.C.— Following the news that Stacey Abrams declined the “relentless” urging of Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats to run…

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| Matt Whitlock

What they’re saying about Stacey Abrams Most Recent Ethics Problems

Yesterday the new director of the state ethics commission in Georgia announced that he would be issuing subpoenas for the bank and…

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| Sami Gilkes

Here’s what the Green New Deal puts at risk.

Senator Doug Jones’s colleagues support the Green New Deal. Here’s what the Green New Deal would put at risk for Alabamians: