| Sami Gilkes

McCaskill’s Air Claire Tour Across Missouri

We’re pretty sure that Senator Claire McCaskill would consider this week not her best.

Sen. Claire McCaskill was so excited to tell people about her new RV, “#BigBlue,” and her “RV Tour” around Missouri to visit with veterans. The thing is – Sen. McCaskill didn’t actually travel in her RV, so it turns out the whole “RV Tour” just another stunt.

It was just a front for using her private plane to get around.

Public flight data along with her own live blog proves that her private plane was in full force, taking the same route as the RV.  Sen. McCaskill thinks she’s so hardworking, but touring the state is a bit easier when you dump your luxury RV for your luxury private plane.

She thought she could deceive Missourians with her latest act, but Missourians know better.

Sen. McCaskill hit back making claims that the story was “not accurate” and even complained about things that bothered her on the RV. She claims that she was on the “RV so much that the broken drawer drove me crazy” and even “lost an iPad around a corner.” Wow, her life is so hard.

Things only got worse, as the next day, President Trump called out “phony” Claire McCaskill out for her hypocrisy.

Apparently, McCaskill wasn’t out of excuses. She changed her tune again, claiming that she used the plane to add visits (despite every stop on the “RV tour” being planned days in advance).

Within 24 hours Claire went from saying that the story about her Air Claire tour was “not accurate” to claiming that she only used the plane to hit more stops.

It’s simple. Sen. McCaskill can’t be trusted.

She even said there was no attempt to hide anything, but it wasn’t long ago that she wanted her private plane to be hidden from FAA tracking data.

Fly Air Claire✈

Since Sen. McCaskill’s had a hard week, we decided to create a fun game for her at www.flyairclaire.com/ to cheer her up. This will be great way for her to pass the time in the friendly skies once she fixes her iPad.


According to her campaign, it cost about $200 to fill up the RV, but her private plane cost her about $7,000 a month to run. Sen. McCaskill asked for gas money for the RV on twitter and via email, but since it probably wouldn’t go over so well, she made sure to not ask for gas money for the plane.

This RV might be good for her photo ops, but she would never demean herself to actually use it. So is she going to give back the gas money since it wasn’t actually an RV tour?

Follow #AirClaire’s “RV tour” here:

Just minutes after letting everyone know that she was done in Joplin, her plane headed to Kansas City, landing at 5:51 PM, which is almost 2 hours before the RV would.

Kansas City started Day 2, but that’s just another day of pretending to be on an RV while actually high up in the air.

After Kansas City, the plane (oh and the RV, #BigBlue) continued onto St. Joseph. What would have been an hour bus ride, was just a 15 minutes flight on Air Claire ✈.

She moved on to Columbia where it only took her 30 minutes to get there instead of sitting in an RV for almost 3 hours.

It must be nice to not have to spend real time in an RV, but on a private plane, looking down at Missouri.

While her live blog let people know where she was, it’s important for Missourians to know how Claire travels – and there’s only one way – Air Claire ✈.