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*Things Kyrsten Sinema Has Actually Said*

WARNING: ⚠️ You might want to shield the kids from hearing this stuff! ⚠️

We’ve been having a hard time keeping up with the almost daily videos surfacing of Rep. Kyrsten Sinema denigrating Arizona. Here’s a rundown of her irresponsible and insulting comments she made about the state she’s ironically running to work for.

While in Texas, Kyrsten Sinema told a crowd that Arizona is “crazy” and gave tips on how to “stop your state from becoming Arizona.”

If you thought she only said that once – you were wrong. She took her bit of calling Arizona “crazy” on the road, making it a part of her routine.

Kyrsten Sinema continued her insults by telling another crowd that Arizona is clearly “the meth lab of Democracy.” It seems like there is nothing she actually likes about Arizona.

Again, insulting Arizona was not a one time thing. Watch below to see Kyrsten Sinema compare Arizona to Lindsay Lohan’s fame.

In this one, Kyrsten Sinema looks disgusted to be from Arizona. She seems to even not like saying the word, “Arizona.” The most shocking thing about this video is that it was from THIS YEAR.

Radical Protestor Past

Before protesting was cool, Kyrsten Sinema was a well-known radical protestor. She even led a protest against our troops in a pink tutu and compared American troops to terrorists.

To make all of this even wackier, she even invited literal witches to join her protests.

If you assumed her comments couldn’t get worse, think again. CNN broke the story that when Kyrsten Sinema was asked about about the Taliban during a radio interview she responded, I don’t care if Americans want to join the Taliban.

Listen here.

She is now going on and on lying about her comments being taken “out of context,” but even CNN’s fact check proved they were not.

Her rocky record with terrorists doesn’t end there. She supported a lawyer that helped pass secret messages to radical terrorist organizations that plotted attacks on the US.

Recent audio leaked of Kyrsten Sinema bragging about being the most liberal person in all of Arizona.

To sum it up, Kyrsten Sinema said: 

-Arizonans are “crazy

-Arizona is a “meth lab

-Arizona is famous in a “Lindsay Lohan” not good way

-“I don’t care” if Americans want to join the Taliban

-“Anarchist, Democrats, Green, Independents, Communist” are welcome to join her protests.

Arizonans deserve better than a radical protestor that insults our troops and Arizona. If she doesn’t like Arizona, we recommend that she leave it for somewhere like California or New York.

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