| Sami Gilkes

March Monthly Roundup

This month continues to prove that the GOP tax relief plan is giving Americans bigger paychecks and more opportunity. Across the country, Americans are feeling better about the economy and feeling confident about the direction of our country!

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is traveling the globe and placing blame on everyone but herself for her failed 2016 campaign. No one can forget when she called  Trump supporters “deplorables.” Now Hillary’s back with an encore no one asked for, trashing middle America as “backwards” just because they didn’t vote for her. We’ve released new ads to make sure no one forgets Democrats in Trump states stood with someone who has so little respect for them.

Top news from the states!


Josh Hawley, along with President Trump, officially launched his campaign to defeat Sen. McCaskill and to bring Missouri values back to Washington.

The contrast could not be more clear: Josh Hawley stands with the heartland, while Claire McCaskill stands with Hollywood and liberal elitists, like Hillary Clinton, who rail against everything Missouri voters stand for.

Here’s a reminder that Sen. McCaskill was an early supporter (like really early supporter) of Hillary Clinton, who called her constituents “backwards.”

Later this month, Sen. McCaskill was literally endorsed by the city of Washington, DC after she expressed a call to put DC first. It’s a shame she doesn’t represent DC, since these are the people she really cares about.

West Virginia

Sen. Manchin was a proud supporter of Hillary Clinton and will have to answer for the insulting comments his favored candidate made about Trump supporters. It’s not going to be easy in a state Trump won by 42 points!

North Dakota

While in North Dakota, Vice President Mike Pence called out Sen. Heitkamp for her record of voting against the policies that North Dakotans need.

A new report revealed that North Dakota is the state to benefit the most from tax relief. While Sen. Heitkamp had nothing to do with that, North Dakotans are still going to benefit from the hard work of the Republican majority.

This month we also launched a new ad holding High Five Heidi accountable for voting to make her Washington boss Chuck Schumer happy over North Dakotans. Sen. Heitkamp voted against tax reform, repealing Obamacare, repealing Obama-era regulations, and banning 5-month abortions. It’s no surprise she got a high-five from her party boss!


It’s too bad for Sen. Tester that he voted to stop tax reform as a new poll shows that 57% of Montanans support the new tax law that’s giving the American economy the boost it needed.

Montanans deserve to know that their senator endorsed and supported Hillary Clinton calling her the “most qualified person” on ballot to unite country. We don’t think her recent comments calling Trump voters “backwards” to be very unifying.


Just like every other Senate Democrat, Sen. Donnelly made a big mistake voting against tax relief since a majority of Hoosiers support tax relief.

Hoosiers need to know why Sen. Donnelly wanted Hillary Clinton to be their president as she calls them “backwards.”


Rep. Sinema joined the worst of the California coastal elites by fundraising in San Francisco with tickets costing a minimum of $1,000. Those $1,000 tickets gets people a chance to hobnob with the swankiest liberals California has to offer.


Sen. Nelson supported Hillary Clinton and her disparaging remarks about Trump supporters. Rather than standing with Florida voters, Sen. Nelson time and again has stood with Washington liberals, even working to raise your taxes.


This month, nothing changed for Rep. Jacky Rosen as she dashed to California, her party boss House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s home state, to fundraise with left-wing extremist like Tom Steyer. Throughout her campaign, she is only going to continue to stick with her friends in the far-left of the Democratic Party.


Sen. Baldwin worked to deny Wisconsinites the benefits of the GOP tax relief plan but Wisconsin is going to save an estimated $275 million due to the new tax law.

Wisconsinites supported President Trump and Hillary Clinton is traveling telling anybody who will listen that Trump voters are “backwards.” It’s important to remember that Sen. Baldwin called Clinton, “honest.” So does Sen. Baldwin agree with Hillary?


Like her fellow Senate Democrats, Sen. Stabenow was a proud Hillary supporter and was “excited” about a President Clinton. Sen. Stabenow was mistaken to think Michigan was excited for someone who called them “deplorables” and now calls them “backwards.”

It’s no surprise that impeachment billionaire Tom Steyer is going all in for Stabenow, given her allegiance to the left over Michiganders.


This month, a poll found that a majority of Ohioans support tax relief. Too bad for Sen. Brown that more Ohioans don’t want Washington to keep taking all of their money.

And while Brown poses as a “man of the people,” we continue to remind Ohioans of his elitist attitudes towards his own constituents.

Seems like he has a lot in common with Hillary Clinton, who also dismissed Ohio voters. No wonder Sen. Brown unequivocally supported Clinton, even as she continues to insult them just because they didn’t support her. Sen. Brown is going to have to own her remarks this November!


As tax relief is help middle-class families in Pennsylvania, Hillary Clinton is calling Trump supporters “backwards.” Sen. Casey proudly supported her candidacy and if he had it his way, she’d be president and tax cuts wouldn’t be a reality for the people who need it. Pennsylvania deserves a senator that stands with them and not just the Democrats!

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