| Sami Gilkes

Sen. Baldwin and Her Liberal Pals

Senator Tammy Baldwin brought the icon of the far left, Senator Bernie Sanders, to Wisconsin in an effort to promote her radical leftist ideas in advance of her bleak 2018 reelection bid.

Despite running in a state Trump won, Baldwin continues to think it’s a good idea to have her radical liberal friends campaign with her. This should come as no surprise considering she sided with Sanders on government-run health care and now against President Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh.

The Journal Sentinel reported that Sen. Baldwin used her speech to highlight her opposition to Brett Kavanaugh, who she announced she wouldn’t support before even meeting with him. For this, she is joined with the likes of #resist Democrats such as California’s Senator Kamala Harris and New Jersey’s Senator Cory Booker.

Eau Claire Leader-Times noted Sen. Baldwin “felt the Bern” on Saturday, endorsing his criticisms of President Trump and his radical policies. Sen. Sanders boasted all of Sen. Baldwin’s work on behalf of the far left agenda, and rightfully so, considering she’s voted with Sanders 90% of the time. Sen. Sanders and Sen. Baldwin think they know that is best for Wisconsin but their liberal, socialist views are costly for Wisconsin’s working families.

Sen. Baldwin joined with every other Senate Democrat in voting against middle-class tax reform, passing up a chance to give the economy the boost it needed. Sen. Baldwin joined with the most extreme liberals of her party in supporting Sen. Sander’s irresponsible $32 trillion socialist health care plan – which taxpayers would have to foot the bill for.

Sen. Baldwin’s agenda has made her liberal bosses happy, but for Wisconsinites, she has continuously let them down. Bottom line: Wisconsinites deserve a senator with a record of supporting jobs and economic growth, instead of making middle class families send more of their money to the government.