Senator Bob Casey is off to a rough start in his 2018 election. New polling shows Pennsylvanians are ready to fire Sen. Casey.

PennLive reported:

“More than a quarter of respondents (27 percent) said U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., merited a third term on Capitol Hill in 2018. Forty-six percent said they favored giving someone new a chance, while 28 percent were undecided.”

This is bad news for Sen. Casey, who used to be able to appeal to moderates, but now has become part of the far left and #theresistance. Back in March, Billy Penn called Sen. Casey “fiery and aggressive,” and by May, the New York Times reported that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said of his new lap dog, “He’s one of my favorites.”

Sen. Casey has become a reliable vote for some of the most liberal of policies, and has joined the far left on a variety of issues including the war on coal, pro-abortion policies, “fighting like hell” to keep Obamacare, and enabling sanctuary cities — just to name a few.

If Sen. Casey believes alienating Pennsylvanians is a good strategy to win in 2018, he will be in for a surprise in November. You can help us make sure Sen. Casey is replaced by a Republican by pitching in today:


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