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| Kate Scarola

July Monthly Roundup

At the peak of summer with the second round of Dem debates in full swing, it is more important now than ever to keep the Republican Senate…

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| Senate GOP

Make the Next 4 Days Count

With just 4 days left until the November 6th midterm elections, we’re ramping up our fundraising efforts by 5X…

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| Deadline Alert

Less Than 48 Hours Left Until our Fundraising Deadline

**All donations 5x matched until midnight on the 31st.**
We have less than 48 hours left until our end-of-month fundraising deadline. If…

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| Senate Republicans

Trump’s Majority is in jeopardy.

We need your help. Democrats are raising money at a torrid pace, and we only have a few days…

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Special Offer: 5X Matching

We are in the home stretch of the 2018 midterm election cycle. With just 10 days until Election Day and four days until our October…

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| Jon Adams, Digital Director

Candidates like Cruz, McSally, Blackburn

Here’s a quick battleground update:

6 Senate races are currently rated as toss-ups by Real Clear Politics.
Republican candidates…

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| Senate Republicans

Things are escalating

We’re worried.
There are only 14 days remaining until Election Day, and Democrats have a massive fundraising advantage. Please rush in…

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| Sami Gilkes

We Need Your Help

Alerting All Grassroots Conservatives!

Today: You can make a 5X-Matched Donation >>>

Right now, Democrats have an…

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| NRSC Digital

*Things Kyrsten Sinema Has Actually Said*

WARNING: ⚠️ You might want to shield the kids from hearing this stuff! ⚠️

We’ve been having a hard time keeping up with the…

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| Team NRSC

5X Match is now active

**Deadline Extended: 4 Hours Left**
With just 19 days left until the November 6th midterm elections, we’re ramping up…

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| Senate Republicans

⚠️ Election Alert: 25 Days Until Election Day ⚠️

There are officially just 25 days left until Election Day, and right now, Senate Republicans are in a very serious…