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| Kate Scarola

November Monthly Roundup

This month, we released a video reminding America of the dangers of socialism and that we are sending our best to protect the Republican…

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| Deadline Alert

Less Than 48 Hours Left Until our Fundraising Deadline

**All donations 5x matched until midnight on the 31st.**
We have less than 48 hours left until our end-of-month fundraising deadline. If…

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| Senate Republicans

Trump’s Majority is in jeopardy.

We need your help. Democrats are raising money at a torrid pace, and we only have a few days…

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Special Offer: 5X Matching

We are in the home stretch of the 2018 midterm election cycle. With just 10 days until Election Day and four days until our October…

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| Jon Adams, Digital Director

Candidates like Cruz, McSally, Blackburn

Here’s a quick battleground update:

6 Senate races are currently rated as toss-ups by Real Clear Politics.
Republican candidates…

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| Senate Republicans

Things are escalating

We’re worried.
There are only 14 days remaining until Election Day, and Democrats have a massive fundraising advantage. Please rush in…

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| Sami Gilkes

We Need Your Help

Alerting All Grassroots Conservatives!

Today: You can make a 5X-Matched Donation >>>

Right now, Democrats have an…

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| NRSC Digital

*Things Kyrsten Sinema Has Actually Said*

WARNING: ⚠️ You might want to shield the kids from hearing this stuff! ⚠️

We’ve been having a hard time keeping up with the…

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| Team NRSC

5X Match is now active

**Deadline Extended: 4 Hours Left**
With just 19 days left until the November 6th midterm elections, we’re ramping up…

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| Senate Republicans

⚠️ Election Alert: 25 Days Until Election Day ⚠️

There are officially just 25 days left until Election Day, and right now, Senate Republicans are in a very serious…

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| Sami Gilkes

We Need You.

To be very blunt: WE NEED YOUR HELP.

The Democrats are beating us in fundraising, and there are fewer than 30 days remaining until…