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April Monthly Roundup

Spring is just around the corner and Americans are ready for a new season ushered in by Republican leadership! While Senate Democrats are continuing their pattern of obstruction, even promising to repeal the new tax cuts currently being enjoyed by middle-class families, Republicans are delivering for the American people!

April was the mark of something big for the American people to celebrate: This year is the LAST time Americans have to file their taxes under an outdated tax law.

Senate Democrats are going to have a hard time explaining why they all voted NO on GOP tax relief as report after report prove that the tax cuts are paving the way for bigger paychecks and more jobs.

With tax season upon us, we launched new ads targeting Senate Democrats who voted to stop tax cuts for the middle class, to make clear exactly what they tried to deny hardworking Americans.

Into the States!


It’s clear why Sen. McCaskill voted against middle-class tax cuts. Not only does she take orders from her liberal party bosses, she’s also hopelessly out of touch with how far thousands of dollars can go for middle class Americans.

This is someone who thinks “normal people” can afford private plane travel, but who denounces thousands of dollars in tax cuts and bonuses as “scraps.”

West Virginia

Sen. Manchin, aka Washington Joe, had a chance to stand up for West Virginians by voting for tax cuts, but instead voted NO on letting middle class families keep more of their money.

Making matters worse, Manchin lashed out at President Trump ahead of his visit to West Virginia, a state the President won by a whopping 42 points. But President Trump made clear that while Joe likes to talk the talk, when it comes to delivering for West Virginia, he doesn’t walk the walk.


And while Manchin tried to deny bigger paychecks and more jobs to West Virginia when he voted against tax cuts, he had no problem raking in cash from Fentanyl manufacturer and price-gouging pharma company, Mylan. Even when Mylan is laying off workers in Morgantown, Manchin can count on his family and campaign ties with Mylan to come through!

Of course, when he’s not taking big money from a corrupt pharma company, he’s going back to Beverly Hills looking for big Hollywood money.

North Dakota

April was an important month for High Five Heidi Heitkamp. After all, April 19th marked National High Five Day. It must be Sen. Heitkamp’s favorite day given her infamous high five with party boss Chuck Schumer to celebrate their matching pro-abortion votes.

To celebrate the momentous occasion, we shared this ad to make sure every North Dakotan knows where Sen. Heitkamp really stands.

And if it were ever unclear, Heitkamp doubled down on her reckless vote against tax cuts. When asked if she regrets her NO vote on tax relief, Sen. Heiktamp reaffirmed that she doesn’t want North Dakotans to have more money in their paychecks.

Sen. Heitkamp must be desperate for help when she took campaign money from disgraced New Jersey Sen. Menendez, who was severely admonished by a bipartisan committee for taking bribes from a convicted felon and lying about his involvement.


Sen. Nelson has been in elected office for decades so it’s no surprise to anyone he voted to make Floridians send more money to Washington.

While Sen. Nelson is enjoying his life in DC, he is basically unknown in Florida…maybe because after over 30 years, he’s only passed 10 bills. It must be nice to keep your job while doing nothing, (something we helpfully pointed out with Google search ads).


While the new tax cuts are working, Democrats are promising to repeal the new tax law. Why would Mexico Joe Donnelly want to take more of what matters to Hoosiers away from them so Washington can have more money? It looks like his allegiances are to his Democratic party bosses – not to Hoosiers.

Mexico Joe would like for Hoosiers to forget his record by releasing a new ad, but Hoosiers will know the truth that Sen. Donnelly won the title of “Least Effective Democrat Ineffective Senator.”


Sen. Tester has been a strong opponent of the new tax law, but why would he want to take away bigger paychecksand bonuses away from hard-working Montanans?

Sen. Tester continues to fall in line with his liberal party bosses, joining them to vote against Secretary of State Mike Pomepo. And if that weren’t enough of a slap in the face to President Trump and Montanans, Tester led the charge in circulating false allegations against decorated Navy Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson in an effort to stop his appointment as VA Secretary. Tester’s disgraceful behavior prompted President Trump to call for his resignation from the Senate.


It’s obvious where Sen. Baldwin’s priorities lie when she chose partisan politics over national security and voted to stop Mike Pompeo from becoming the new Secretary of State.

Wisconsin has felt the boost of the new tax plan, but that’s no thanks to Sen. Baldwin, who voted with her liberal friends in Washington. Washington Post awarded 3 Pinocchios to Sen. Baldwin for her misleading claims about lost jobs in Wisconsin in her latest campaign ad.

And she didn’t stop there. Another ad attempted to erase her record of supporting job-killing regulations, but Wisconsinites know there’s never been anything Baldwin didn’t want to tax or regulate.


Arizonans looking for help online with filing taxes were served with search ads to remind them that Rep. Kyrsten Sinema only wants to make their taxes higher and more complicated! Instead of voting to cut taxes for Arizonans last December, she voted to make her party bosses like Nancy Pelosi happy.

Sinema’s this voting record makes more sense now that records indicate she raised almost 70% of her campaign money from outside Arizona.


This month, Rep. Rosen thought she could get away with saying she’s never supported repealing the new tax law, but she has actually attended events centered around repealing the already successful tax cuts. Nevadans deserve to know where she stands on her party’s plan to repeal the law and raise taxes.

Rep. Rosen might just need to move to California considering how much she travels to some of the most liberal parts of the state to fundraise. She traveled to Cali for big Hollywood money with Hanoi Jane Fonda who insults our veterans and is a proud communist propagandist.


While delicious snack companies based in Tennessee are announcing $1,000 bonuses for employees, Phil Bredesen has not only refused to support tax relief but would also work to repeal it. It’s clear Bredesen would be a great puppet for Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.


Michigan’s Motor City is enjoying new major market gains, but Michiganders won’t forget that Sen. Debbie Stabenow joined her Democrat buddies when she voted no.

Michiganders need to know that this #TaxSeason, their senator did nothing to give back more of their own money.

Sen. Stabenow put her party over our national security when she voted to stop Mike Pompeo’s confirmation as Secretary of State.


Tax Day served as a reminder that Sen. Casey joined his buddies in Washington to vote to keep more of your money in Washington and refused to deliver tax cuts to Pennsylvanians.

Sen. Casey played partisan games when he voted against the President’s nominee, Mike Pompeo, putting Democrat bosses over America’s national security.


Sen. Smith is making her way into Chuck Schumer’s liberal wing by putting party interest over national security when she voted no on Mike Pompeo’s Secretary of State nomination.


Sen. Brown has been drawing a government paycheck since the 70’s, so of course he’d vote to keep more of your money. It’s no surprise that Democrats like Sen. Brown, want to repeal tax cuts and take away new job opportunities for hard-working Ohioans even as Ohio companies announce new employee benefits.

Sen. Brown joined his buddies in the most liberal wing of the Democratic party to vote against confirming Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State. It seems like his priorities are a bit out of order.

New Jersey

Disgraced Sen. Menendez is being held responsible for his crooked behavior as the Senate Ethics Committee has issued an letter of admonition for his corrupt and unethical practices. New Jersey deserves better this this crook!

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